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Fossils These are a couple recently purchased fossils. I don’t have a lot of interest in dinosaurs, but I do love fossils, weird geometric stone configurations, and petrified wood. Both of these fossils were discovered in Morocco, and I purchased them from reputable dealers. The price range of fossils varies depending on the type of fossil, its size, age, rarity, and condition.

Brittle Starfish This is a detailed brittle starfish fossil from the Fezouata Formation of Morocco (Mecissi, a town North of the city of Zagora). It dates to the Lower Ordovician period (450 million years ago). The rock persevering this fossil is limestone. There is no added coloring or touch up on these fossils. The circle around the starfish is part of the creature’s body.

Edrioasteroidea Starfish This smaller fossil is a single Edrioasteroidea Starfish fossil, also from Morocco, dating to the Trilobite age. This is a unique looking fossil and it reminds of an ancient horror from some dark Lovecraft story. Even though it’s small the fossil has fantastic detail and displays well. Fossils are amazing to look at, fun to display, and valuable. I thought they were cool and wanted to share them.

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